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Vector Visualizer – a simple Silverlight 3D tool for viewing vectors in three dimensions

I would like to present here one tool I have developed recently for visualizing vectors in three dimensions. The tool allowes not only to view vectors but also to share them with others. Check the “link to current vectors” for … Continue reading

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How to programmatically detect Silverlight version

Two questions that often arise when building Silverlight based websites are: A. How do I detect if Silverlight is installed on a visitor’s browser? B. How do I detect what version of Silverlight is installed on a visitor’s browser? The answer … Continue reading

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British MP’s Expenses Data Visualisation via Virtual Earth CTP

Following on from my previous blog on US Politicians data visualisation using a listbox, this time I’ve moved across the pond to my homeland and created one for British Politician’s Expenses (a bit of a hot topic in the UK … Continue reading

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Behaviors in Blend 3

How to create a simple Behavior for Blend 3 Behaviors are a new feature in Blend/Silverlight 3 and WPF. They allow designers to handle user interactions in XAML, and they also provide a clean division of concerns. Unfortunately, in the … Continue reading

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Do’s and Don’ts of Video Tutorials.

As someone whom frequently watches a lot of Video tutorials from all walks of life, I often sit in front of the screen cursing at the author’s ability to waffle on in areas that are irrelevant or tap into my … Continue reading

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What is this blog?

It’s simply a great feeling when you find a vibrant and interesting blog. The anticipation and promise of interesting posts, up to the minute news and tidbits of information is an intriguing and exciting proposition (well ok, maybe that’s just … Continue reading

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ELMAH: Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP.NET (and MVC too!)

Joe Lowrance said, er tweeted, it best when he said, “the amount of attention ELMAH hasn’t got is shocking.” ELMAH is one of those largely unknown and deeply awesome .NET Open Source projects that should be part of ASP.NET proper. … Continue reading

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Add Rich Intellisense for Your Silverlight Controls

Introduction Intellisense is a great help for programming. This post illustrates the rich intellisense support for Silverlight Toolkit, and explains how it is done. Intellisense Silverlight Toolkit has rich Intellisense in code and XAML editors in both Visual Studio and … Continue reading

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