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Bing Maps Application WorldWide Telescope

About 2 years ago, I posted the announcement of Microsoft Research’s WorldWide Telescope (WWT) – a project to map out the stars, planets, solar systems and anything not on the Earth (see WorldWide Telescope Now Available!). That was some time … Continue reading

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Animations and View Models: IAnimationDelegate

We often trip over ourselves trying to minimize code behind and abstract behaviors in the UI from the models, etc. This is important for clean separation, but sometimes behaviors may add too much abstraction. The real fact is many applications … Continue reading

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Creating a 3d spiral effect with projection

We can use the projection properties in Silverlight 3 to help produce a 3D spiral animation. Please upgrade your browser Breakdown of effects To create this effect I use the following transforms: Opacity at either end of the animation. Projection … Continue reading

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The Seeker Version 4: Dependency Properties and Animation

Live example: I made a lot of changes to  The Seeker, but probably the most important technically is the addition of Dependency Properties and more specifically Dependency Properties to support Animation. The Simulation First I’ll describe the changes to … Continue reading

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Animation Editor for Silverlight – Sothink Quicker

Not new but usefull. There are a huge number of 3rd party tools for Flash Developers.  This is a natural phenomenon when you have a successful platform with a large adoption in the marketplace.  The same growth in prominent in … Continue reading

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New AnimationChainer – fluent Storyboard helper for Silverlight

A while ago I posted an article on a little animation helper class which makes it quick and easy to build animations dynamically in code. You can see my articles here and here and here. I use this animation chainer … Continue reading

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State, Element, and Storyboard Pickers

The Expression Blend Properties Inspector is something you become introduced to very quickly. It is the giant panel usually on the right-hand side of the Blend interface that you use to view and set values on properties: [ I, for … Continue reading

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Silverlight Physics Library

I was recently visiting Corey Schuman’s blog since he has been focusing on Silverlight + Blend development for a while now. Among his posts I found his Blend section which contains information about behaviors and how to include a recommended … Continue reading

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