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Building the Elusive Windows Phone Panorama Control

When the Windows Phone 7 Developer SDK was released a couple of weeks ago at MIX10 many people noticed the SDK doesn’t include a template for a Panorama control.   Here at Clarity we decided to build our own Panorama control … Continue reading

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Introducing the Visual State Aggregator

The visual state aggregator. What is it? How many times have you found yourself adding freak methods and commands to your Silverlight projects just to manage some animations? It’s a common issue, and I’ve even built solutions like the IAnimationDelegate … Continue reading

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Animations and View Models: IAnimationDelegate

We often trip over ourselves trying to minimize code behind and abstract behaviors in the UI from the models, etc. This is important for clean separation, but sometimes behaviors may add too much abstraction. The real fact is many applications … Continue reading

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Creating a 3d spiral effect with projection

We can use the projection properties in Silverlight 3 to help produce a 3D spiral animation. Please upgrade your browser Breakdown of effects To create this effect I use the following transforms: Opacity at either end of the animation. Projection … Continue reading

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FlexibleBehavior class: More on reuse and Behaviors Posted By Bob Bartholomay under Silverlight.

A recent post explained how encapsulating functionality (e.g. Animations, etc) into a Behavior promoted reuse in that once this functionality is encapsulated into a Behavior, it can then easily be applied to multiple Controls in various projects by a designer … Continue reading

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The Seeker Version 4: Dependency Properties and Animation

Live example: http://www.adefwebserver.com/Richard/TheSeekerSiteV4/Default.html I made a lot of changes to  The Seeker, but probably the most important technically is the addition of Dependency Properties and more specifically Dependency Properties to support Animation. The Simulation First I’ll describe the changes to … Continue reading

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Animation Editor for Silverlight – Sothink Quicker

Not new but usefull. There are a huge number of 3rd party tools for Flash Developers.  This is a natural phenomenon when you have a successful platform with a large adoption in the marketplace.  The same growth in prominent in … Continue reading

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Custom Behaviors for Advanced Microsoft Silverlight UI Effects

Learn how to light up your Silverlight application by using behaviors to add physics-based animation and rich interactivity. Hear tips and tricks on how to create advanced behaviors, techniques to make them extensible, and how they can be integrated to … Continue reading

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