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Using the Bing Maps Silverlight control on the Windows Phone 7

The v1 version of the Silverlight Bing Map control was released in December 2009. The Silverlight control allows you to integrate an immersive mapping solution in your Silverlight applications. By using Silverlight, Microsoft is able to provide a rich experience … Continue reading

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Smart Web Portal in the Cloud

Cars, Bing Map and Smartphone. Johannes Kebeck is writing about such great combination on his blog. “Daimler AG has been marketing the smart fortwo electric drive since the middle of December. When the battery is charged, the car opens a … Continue reading

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Creating Bing Maps Tile-Layers from SQL Server 2008 on the Fly

Many ways lead to Rome or in this case to a connection between your spatial data in SQL Server 2008 and the visualization in Bing Maps. You can overlay the data as vectors in a VEShapeLayer by retrieving spatial data … Continue reading

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Helping People Get to the Party

You’re planning a party and want to make it easy for your guests to get there. Not a problem, you think: You’ll just send them a map they can use to find their way. But that can be more challenging … Continue reading

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Phone Geocast: 4 Top Applications For My Weekend Road Trip

Recently I published my Top 10 Apps for the Windows Phone platform. While they are my overall favorites my application usage changes depending on the scenario. As an example, while on a trip requiring air travel Bing is very important … Continue reading

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Google Maps vs Bing Maps: Developer Support & Community

For the fourth blog post in our series comparing the two leading AJAX mapping APIs we are looking at what support is available for each API both officially by the respective companies and unofficially from the developer community. Again we … Continue reading

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Mapping APIs – Google Maps vs Bing Maps: Part 2 Licensing

For our blog series on comparing the two mapping developer API’s we thought we should start with one of the most important aspects, licensing. This is going to be tricky to compare as we are not allowed to publish the … Continue reading

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Bing Visual Search Powered by Silverlight!

from Nitya Yusuf Mehdi demonstrated Bing’s new Silverlight powered Visual Search experience yesterday. Using Visual Search you can use images as keywords to search the Web.  Visual Search allows you to quickly scroll through the gallery content or do a one-click refinement … Continue reading

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