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Developing applications gets easy with improved DataBinding in Silverlight

The new release of Silverlight has silently introduced some new improvements to the DataBinding that bring the RIA platform closer to WPF for some aspects, and at the same time strongly simplify the development of data driven applications. In this … Continue reading

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Databinding shapes with the Bing Maps control for Silverlight

The March 2009 release of the Virtual Earth control for Silverlight (now known as the bing map control) was a great release. Up until then, projects like Deep Earth were trying to provide us with a way to use deep … Continue reading

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How to format strings in a DataTemplate in XAML with MultiBinding

I have found MultiBinding to be a very easy way to display and format multiple fields in a databinding in XAML. This code example gives you an example of how to use Multibinding including formatting a date. You can supply … Continue reading

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Discovering Silverlight 3 – Demos of new features

In early May, I gave a talk about the new features in Silverlight 3. As I’ve started to gather material and demos for the talk, I thought: “Why not collect stuff in Live Writer? Then only one click will make … Continue reading

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Model-View-View-Model Pattern Overview

The Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM or ViewModel) is a pattern for separating concerns in technologies that use databinding. For Silverlight 2, it can help to make more maintainable applications by removing much of the code in the code-behind files and allowing full … Continue reading

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A Better Way to do Silverlight Databinding

The guys at Intersoft Solutions are ahead of the curve again with their Intersoft Data Source control for Silverlight. The CTP includes the AstoriaDataSource that connects cleanly to an ADO.NET Data service. Rather than jumping through hoop after hoop to … Continue reading

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Silverlight Tipps vom Insider

Für  aufstrebende Silverlight Spezialisten hier einige Tipps von Jesse Liberty What Does A Silverlight Programmer Need To Know? Let me start off by saying that this list will probably need to be updated frequently – not much I can do … Continue reading

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Data Binding – Data Validation

Jesse’s Teil drei Silverlight Databinding. Diesmal geht es um die Validierung der eingegebenen Daten. Ziel ist es zwei Typen von Fehlern abzufangen und zu behandeln: Exceptions von der Binding Engine Exceptions von der Binding Source

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