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Using Eclipse to build Silverlight applications in Java, PHP and Ruby

from Robert Hess As hard as it might be to believe, not everybody is using Visual Studio as their development platform. Then what if they want to develop a Silverlight application? Is notepad their only option? Fortunately not. Vijay Rajagopalan … Continue reading

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Silverlight Web OS Lets You Develop Applications Online

from silverlightshow.net Userware has released today a Silverlight-based version of Wiki-OS.org. Wiki-OS is an online environment that lets you write, build, execute, and share open-source Silverlight applications without ever leaving the web browser. It simulates an operating system running inside … Continue reading

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Building Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3 Beta applications on the same machine

The Silverlight Tools don’t have multi-targeting support today, so if you want to continue building Silverlight 2 applications (for production sites), while experimenting and learning about the Silverlight 3 Beta, it isn’t that easy. On the Silverlight Toolkit team, we … Continue reading

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