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Enabling Design-Time Data in Expression Blend When Using Web Services

With the help of Mark Boulter, and Unni Ravindranathan at Microsoft, Michael Washington figured out how to show design-time data in Blend when the data is using web services (without writing a line of code). from Michael Washington     … Continue reading

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Building your first Silverlight for Windows Phone Application

Silverlight for Windows Phone is one of the most exciting things to come along since the original release of Silverlight. Now I can take my same Silverlight/WPF skills and use them not only on the web, and on the desktop, … Continue reading

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Introducing Expression Blend for Windows Phone

Windows Phone is an amazing platform to use and to design applications for. We are very proud to make a preview version of authoring for Windows Phone available with Expression Blend 4. Downloads will be available around 10:45am today at … Continue reading

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Extract styles in Expression Blend

You may have found yourself in a situation when you want to convert an implicit style in XAML into a resource. Until today, I did it with creating the new style, and adding the setters manually. But I thought “There … Continue reading

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Silverlight tutorial: HOW TO build CommandLink Control in Silverlight with Expression Blend 3 and Behaviors

Introduction Command links have found their way around in Windows Vista and they are one of the key parts of the Windows 7 user interface as well. As such, they are also finding their way around even on the web. … Continue reading

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State, Element, and Storyboard Pickers

The Expression Blend Properties Inspector is something you become introduced to very quickly. It is the giant panel usually on the right-hand side of the Blend interface that you use to view and set values on properties: [ I, for … Continue reading

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Inserting a Silverlight Navigation and Slideshow into Your Web Page

from team.silverlight.ne Expression Web makes it faster and easier to create standards-based Web sites with rich Silverlight content. With Expression Web 3, you can easily add Silverlight content, in this case from Expression Blend, to your Web sites. In this … Continue reading

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Using Resources to share styling in Blend

From Gavin Wignall This post is part of a string of posts found here: Learn Blend in a Month. When styling up a control, Expression Blend allows you to apply that style to other controls. This firstly allows file sizes … Continue reading

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