Novell to bring open source Silverlight clone to iPhone

You’ve surely heard of Silverlight, Microsoft’s shinier and altogether more-fluffy answer to Flash.

Silverlight is now at the stage where the only real feature it lacks is ubiquity — the only real reason we keep using Flash is because the plug-in is installed on almost every computer in the world. Well, Microsoft wants to change that — Microsoft wants Silverlight to be as prevalent as Flash. To that end, we just reported on Silverlight coming to Symbian phones — and now it seems like the iPhone might also run Silverlight apps… but with Moonlight, Novell’s open source, cross-platform Silverlight implementation.

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Hidden Gems: Why .NET Developers Need to Take a 2nd Look at Project Rosetta

Many of you have heard of Project Rosetta by now, but for those who have not here is an excerpt from the site:

The goal of the project is to help designers and UI developers learn new technologies by relating concepts and skills in a visual way from one technology to another.

One of the first areas this site has focused on is helping bridge the gap for those transitioning from Flash to Silverlight. There is a great guide on the site titled “Flash to Silverlight Guide” that walks through concepts in Flash and applies them to how they are tackled in Silverlight.

OK, so why am I telling you all of this if its focused on Flash developers? Good question, so let me get to my main point. The site is NOT just for Flash developers. It also has some awesome content for getting up to speed on Silverlight development aspects you use (or should use) every day. Got your attention? Good!

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Perspectives on Flash and Silverlight from Mike Downey on SilverlightTV

Congratulations to John Papa for recently launching a new show on Channel 9 called SilverlightTV.

The show covers the Silverlight platform from a variety of angles including architectural issues, real design and development issues problems solved, community members and the latest happenings with Silverlight.

John’s landed a great interview in Episode 2, Perspectives on Flash and Silverlight with Mike Downey.  A former Flash Evangelist for Adobe, provides his perspective on Silverlight and Flash as RIA technologies.
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Animation Editor for Silverlight – Sothink Quicker

Not new but usefull.

There are a huge number of 3rd party tools for Flash Developers.  This is a natural phenomenon when you have a successful platform with a large adoption in the marketplace.  The same growth in prominent in the .NET tool space.  Now that Silverlight 2 is alive and doing well we should expect to see more commercial and open source tools released that target the Silverlight developer and designer.

SWF Editors

In the Flash world you create your application and store the source in a .FLA file.  The FLA file is compiled into a SWF file for deployment.   There are a number of decompiler tools for SWF files.  Surprisingly another set of tools has emerged – the SWF editors.  These editors can open an SWF file in edit mode.  Then you can modify the flash application and save the changes back into the SWF file.  Some of these editors are quit powerful and enjoy a wide audience.

Turning their eyes toward Silverlight

It seems that some of these companies are beginning to take notice in Silverlight.  SourceTec Software makes a number of Flash tools including their Sothink SWF Quicker editor.  They have just released a beta of Sothink Quicker for Silverlight.

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Flash and Silverlight Jobs

Silverlight has been Microsoft’s golden child since v2 was released last year. The impact within the community has been astounding. Some demand the use of Silverlight without actually recognizing when and where the technology makes sense and others scoff at Silverlight either in favor of Flash or as a technology as “useless” as Flash. I roll my eyes every time I hear any of these three opinions… and they happen a lot. Flash went thru the hype cycle years ago and now it’s Silverlight’s turn. What I find amusing is that the hype seems to be much more powerful with Silverlight than it ever was with Flash. All we can do is fight the good fight.

Not every rich experience needs to be Silverlight. JavaScript frameworks are making life as a web developer easier and easier, so I’d recommend that always be the default choice. Unfortunately, most developers still find the pain of JavaScript development too great. While I’m a big fan of JavaScript, it is far from a perfect language and is severely lacking when it comes to development and debugging tools. Flash and Silverlight both simplify things with better tools and a single-platform vision that tremendously improves cross-browser development, but Flash is still lacking the one thing that makes Silverlight a no-brainer: XAML, backed by real programming languages.

Flash vs Silverlight Jobs

from Michael Flanakin

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Flash to Silverlight Guide – MovieClip to UserControl

The first sections of the new Flash to Silverlight Guide are up!

The purpose of this guide is to familiarize developers and designers with Silverlight concepts by relating them to Flash concepts. Comparisons are drawn between each pair of concepts in effort to map knowledge from one platform to another.

This is the first edition of the guide covering the topics Fundamentals and Tools, MovieClip To UserControl and Flex Components to Silverlight Controls. The next edition will include comparisons of different features from both platforms including Graphics, Animation, Coding and Out Of Browser.

The guide works as a standalone reference, as well as the base of knowledge for upcoming tutorials covering specific topics. There is a ton of content to cover, so we’ll be posting different sections as we get them completed.

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Importing Flash Animations to Silverlight

from SilverlightShow

Automatically converting any Flash movie to Silverlight is a complicated task since Flash player and Silverlight runtime have different programming API and programming languages. But there are two tools that could help you with this task – SilverX and SilverBoom.

However, Flash movies without ActionScript and interactivity can be automatically transformed to Silverlight using two similar tools: SilverX – desktop application and SilverBoom – online service.

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Creating NikeClone With Silverlight Part-1


NikeClone, this is the app I showed at MS Tech Day Dhaka. I’ve decided to explain this to the people who are interested to know how I created clone of the original Nike site. The reason is, I really liked the design of the Nike web site and amazed seeing how they did this with Flash. So I gave it a thought and realized same design can be applied with Silverlight and at the end it proved that it is quite easier to implement the design like this with Silverlight and it’s looking more flexible with Silverlight.

Starting The Project In Blend

I have used Expression Blend 3 Beta and Silverlight 3 Beta for this design. Open ExpressionBlend 3 if you have already installed it in your machine and Select New Project. This will bring up the following dialog box:


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