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Novell to bring open source Silverlight clone to iPhone

You’ve surely heard of Silverlight, Microsoft’s shinier and altogether more-fluffy answer to Flash. Silverlight is now at the stage where the only real feature it lacks is ubiquity — the only real reason we keep using Flash is because the … Continue reading

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Hidden Gems: Why .NET Developers Need to Take a 2nd Look at Project Rosetta

Many of you have heard of Project Rosetta by now, but for those who have not here is an excerpt from the site: The goal of the project is to help designers and UI developers learn new technologies by relating … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Flash and Silverlight from Mike Downey on SilverlightTV

Congratulations to John Papa for recently launching a new show on Channel 9 called SilverlightTV. The show covers the Silverlight platform from a variety of angles including architectural issues, real design and development issues problems solved, community members and the … Continue reading

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Animation Editor for Silverlight – Sothink Quicker

Not new but usefull. There are a huge number of 3rd party tools for Flash Developers.  This is a natural phenomenon when you have a successful platform with a large adoption in the marketplace.  The same growth in prominent in … Continue reading

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Flash and Silverlight Jobs

Silverlight has been Microsoft’s golden child since v2 was released last year. The impact within the community has been astounding. Some demand the use of Silverlight without actually recognizing when and where the technology makes sense and others scoff at … Continue reading

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Flash to Silverlight Guide – MovieClip to UserControl

The first sections of the new Flash to Silverlight Guide are up! The purpose of this guide is to familiarize developers and designers with Silverlight concepts by relating them to Flash concepts. Comparisons are drawn between each pair of concepts … Continue reading

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Importing Flash Animations to Silverlight

from SilverlightShow Automatically converting any Flash movie to Silverlight is a complicated task since Flash player and Silverlight runtime have different programming API and programming languages. But there are two tools that could help you with this task - SilverX and … Continue reading

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Creating NikeClone With Silverlight Part-1

Introduction NikeClone, this is the app I showed at MS Tech Day Dhaka. I’ve decided to explain this to the people who are interested to know how I created clone of the original Nike site. The reason is, I really … Continue reading

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