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Building your first Silverlight for Windows Phone Application

Silverlight for Windows Phone is one of the most exciting things to come along since the original release of Silverlight. Now I can take my same Silverlight/WPF skills and use them not only on the web, and on the desktop, … Continue reading

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The Future of Client App Dev : WPF and Silverlight Convergence

Silverlight has come an amazing distance since the initial 1.0 release and 1.1 alpha (controls? who needs controls?) just over two years ago. It’s hard to believe that we’re on Silverlight 4 in such a short time. It’s even harder … Continue reading

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Virtu, an Apple Emulator in C# for Silverlight, WPF and XNA

I really advocate folks reading as much source as they can because you become a better writer by reading as much as writing. That’s the whole point of the Weekly Source Code – reading code to be a better developer. … Continue reading

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A Quick Note on XAML Namespaces in Silverlight/WPF

In my last two blog posts, I wrote about using the export plug-in for Adobe Illustrator developed by Mike Swanson. Specifically, I’d like to call attention to this screenshot: The blogosphere is self-correcting and Pete Brown pinged me to tell … Continue reading

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Background: Extension Methods, Silverlight & Linq

A number of articles I’ve read recently have mentioned “Extension methods” in passing, yet it is difficult to find out what this is, if you don’t already know. A few searches, however, did turn up three good sources: MSDN provides … Continue reading

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Silverlight Facebook Client Side API

Hello All! Lately, I have been spending some time working with Silverlight in the context of the Facebook api.  I’ve been amazed at you amount of data the api gives you access to.  With the incredible growth facebook is experiencing … Continue reading

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Pie Charts with Overlays

I’m not sure why I concentrate on Pie Charts. Maybe circles are just more attractive to me than bars or points For the January 2009 Expression Newsletter (which will be out in a week or two), I put together a … Continue reading

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Charts für Silverlight

Pete Brown beschreibt hier sehr ausführlich wie man die Charts für Silverlight gestaltet. Sehr hilfreich.  

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