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ReSharper vs. CodeRush+Refactor! Pro – The Battle Begins

After Visual Studio 2010 has been released my first question was when DevExpress will release plug-in for the Beta. After few minutes with Google I found that it will not be very soon. To be more precise, I couldn’t find … Continue reading

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Silverlight Unit Testing, RhinoMocks, Unity and Resharper.

Hi Folks, As most of you who’re familiar with my work know – I’m a huge supporter of the open source community. I also hold firm to a belief that the Microsoft .Net ecosystem is truly great due to community … Continue reading

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Using ReSharper with Silverlight

Using ReSharper with Silverlight ReSharper is a great tool for developer productivity.  I absolutely can’t live without it!  If you haven’t already tried ReSharper, you should do yourself a favor and go download it now.  It takes a while to … Continue reading

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