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Microsoft Switzerland Technology Innovation Award 2011 Winners

Na da kann ich ja auch mal ein wenig stolz sein. Ok, es ist ein sehr großes Projekt und ich nur ein kleines Rädchen  im Getriebe. Aber das mindert nicht die Freude an diesem Award. Video Project: LabUI – the … Continue reading

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LightSwitch Online Ordering System ein komplettes Beispiel

Wenn das man keine fantastische Aussage ist. “You Can’t Put The Genie Back in The Bottle If you are a professional developer, you have to accept the truth, things have changed permanently. The days of six figured budgets, to employ … Continue reading

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WPF 4 und Silverlight 4 gegen Krebs!

Tolle Idee. Man kann etwas Schönes bekommen und man tut auch noch etwas Gutes. Gregor Biswanger versteigert eine neue DVD „WPF 4 und Silverlight 4“. Bei dieser DVD handelt es sich nicht um die gewöhnliche Kaufversion, sondern um ein exklusives … Continue reading

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Bing Maps + oData + Windows Phone 7

Here is a quick Windows Phone 7 client for Nerd Dinner. You can query the Nerd Dinner oData endpoint and see the dinners in the Bing maps as push pins. Also, you can select a Push Pin to view the … Continue reading

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Unit Testable WCF Web Services in MVVM and Silverlight 4

In all my previous MVVM in Silverlight 4 posts i was avoiding to address one painful aspect of the Silverlight: calling WCF Web Services. And it was not without reason. Lets face it, consuming WCF Web Services from your Silverlight … Continue reading

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Simplified MVVM: Silverlight 4 Video Player

Introduction This project demonstrates an implementation of the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) pattern to create a fully “Designable” Silverlight Video Player. This is not to be confused with a “Skinable” Video Player. A Skinable Video Player allows you to change the look … Continue reading

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A RoleManager to apply roles declaratively to user interface

One of the recurrent questions people ask me in the forums is about the applying of security constraint to the applications being developed. The last releases of useful tools like WCF Ria Services added the capability of bringing the security … Continue reading

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New York Times Silverlight Kit Updated for Windows Phone 7 Series

I spent a little time adapting the New York Times Silverlight Kit this weekend to work on the Windows Phone 7 Series and created my first Silverlight application for the Windows Phone 7 Series. It was actually very easy – … Continue reading

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