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Using Resources to share styling in Blend

From Gavin Wignall This post is part of a string of posts found here: Learn Blend in a Month. When styling up a control, Expression Blend allows you to apply that style to other controls. This firstly allows file sizes … Continue reading

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Silverlight 3 Quick Tip Styling Improvements

Silverlight 3 bring long-awaited improvements in styling mechanism: “BasedOn” mechanism, Merged Resource Dictionaries and eliminates “write once” style setting behavior. Let’s see those features. BasedOn Styles can be “derived” from one another. Perfect for cascading/inheriting styles. Let’s define style for … Continue reading

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Building a Silverlight Line-Of-Business Application – Styling Part 7.2

In Part 7.1 of this series I looked at the importance of styling your Silverlight applications. In this article I will be taking a look at fashions in user interface design of late, and what basic elements can be identified … Continue reading

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Creating, Binding and Styling a Bubble Chart

The Bubble Chart is part of the Silverlight toolkit and is available for Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3 at http://silverlight.codeplex.com/. This chart uses the size of the “bubbles” to display more data.  For this article I used the Silverlight 3 … Continue reading

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Styling Charts with the Silverlight Toolkit

Author: Pete Brown, Lead Architect, Applied Information Sciences, Inc. , MVP Client Application Dev (Silverlight / WPF) Blog: http://www.irritatedVowel.com/Blog Expression Newsletter, subscribe now to get yours. Summary In this article, Pete Brown covers various ways to alter the look and … Continue reading

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Styling silverlight datagrid control

This article will explain you how to  modify default silverlight datagrid control look. In this example I have created new silverlight application project and add datagrid control in xaml file.I have also created small class called Person to populate test … Continue reading

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Flash vs Silverlight: Theming and Styling

Theming and Styling are the most important element for RIA Technology. Both Flash and Silverlight have provided a wide range of methods in styling the controls and UI. Today, I will just use a simple example to illustrate how to … Continue reading

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Microsoft Silverlight Control Model

Learn about the different types of controls in Silverlight, the differences between UserControls and custom controls, and how to customize their appearance through styling and skinning. Also learn how Microsoft Expression Blend can be used to customize the look of … Continue reading

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