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A basic MVVM framework

from Lester The MVVM Toolkit is a pretty barebones template for MVVM and is a good place to start with if you are new to this pattern. Over time, as i played around with this toolkit, the library grew in … Continue reading

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Using RelayCommands in Silverlight and WPF

Like most of us have found out the hard way, Silverlight 3 and Windows Presentation Foundation 3.5 are two quite similar beasts, but not totally the same. Silverlight is often presented as a subset of WPF (in fact, some features … Continue reading

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Silverlight 3 Polling Duplex Chat and Realtime Stock Updates

By Peter Bromberg Printer Friendly Version View My Articles An extension of the “End to End duplex sample” to show how Duplex polling can use the “push” model to send subscribed realtime stock price updates to connected clients. I was … Continue reading

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Silverlight 3’s New Local Connections

One of the features of Silverlight 3 that developers are going to love is local connections, which enable Silverlight control instances to communicate with each other. Local connections use a publish/subscribe mechanism to connect senders and receivers. And they work … Continue reading

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Compiled Experience * Home * About * Subscribe * Contact Login Unit Testing Silverlight Animation

One thing I haven’t really included in any of the example Silverlight posts are the unit tests. There’s continuous debate among developers concerning the effectiveness of unit tests, in my opinion they’re absolutely necessary whenever you’re building an application. Test … Continue reading

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Asynchronous test support – Silverlight unit test framework and the UI thread

The Silverlight unit test framework has built-in functionality for some unique situations that pop up when you are testing key applications and components on the Silverlight platform. In fact, the entire framework has been built around the idea of performing … Continue reading

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Mocks oder Subs was soll es sein?

Derik Whittacker hat sich einige interessante Gedanken zur Verwendung von Mocks und Subs gemacht. Dabei  geht er recht selbstkritisch an die Sache heran. Da manch anderem  villeich auch ein ähnlicher Fehler schon unterlaufen sein könnte, ist es bestimmt nicht ganz … Continue reading

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