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Microsoft User Experience Kit launched today at SXSW

Today at SXSW, of which Microsoft Silverlight is a major sponsor of the Interactive Festival,  Microsoft User Experience Kit is targeted at technical and creative leads who want to better understand the tools, technologies, and scenarios that span Microsoft’s User … Continue reading

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MVVM presentation from NDC2009 on Vimeo

Last year I gave a presentation on the MVVM design pattern at the Norwegian Developer Conference. Most of the presentations from NDC2009 was recorded and made available online, including mine. However, the user experience of the video content on the … Continue reading

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Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit

The IIS Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit allows you to build rich Silverlight user experiences that take full advantage of live and on-demand IIS Smooth Streaming capabilities. Examples of available client-side features include simple controls, such as Play, Pause, and … Continue reading

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How do I get started in User Experience?

I’ve had this question put to me in the past month about 20 times or so. It’s a tough question to answer in a nutshell, as it has a lot to do with “How do I retrain my skills to … Continue reading

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Using contextual design time data with SketchFlow

Design time data can be used to provide contextual data for your sketches and prototypes when demonstrating these ideas to your clients.  I want to highlight some of the areas that I am leveraging today that have helped to speed … Continue reading

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Thinking Outside the Box – Using Programatic Animations in Silverlight

At the Atlanta Silverlight Firestarter a few months ago myself and Mason Brown did a talk ‘Lighting Up the UI’. At the end of the talk I ranted a bit trying to encourage developers to think outside of the box … Continue reading

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A plea to my developer brethren about designer/designers

From Tim Heuer  Since we appear to be in another revolution on user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX), I’ve seen a lot of people, companies, sites refer to the designer-developer workflow, including Microsoft.  Heck we’re building tools around … Continue reading

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Agile UX development using low-fidelity prototypes

from jonas follesoe For me agile software projects is all about maximizing the customers’ value of the software being built by encouraging and incorporating feedback, new features and change requests as quickly and cheaply as possible. To achieve agility we … Continue reading

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